Moviesauce was created by filmmaker Evan Falbaum and his gang of friends and collaborators as both a commercial video production company and an artist collective focused on original content. We started making films almost 20 years ago in the swamps and suburbs of Northwest Louisiana and have since become an Addy-Award winning commercial production company. We also maintain a constant flow of original films and documentaries that have traveled the country on the film festival circuit.

We like to push boundaries, travel to new places, break rules, get dirty, and take chances. The secret to good video is to go for broke. Not take short cuts or go the easy route. Aim big and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

And while we take our craft and technical skills very seriously, we don't fancy ourselves as technicians. We shoot with a state-of-the-art 8K resolution RED Digital Cinema camera, but our tools and skill set are ultimately a means to an end of creating unique and meaningful content. Our philosophy is to always use the best tools available to us and to always strive to do our best work.

We like to be involved from concept to completion. Our best work is always the stuff we're involved in throughout the entire pipleline. Not just the camera guys. Not just the editors. There's a lot of sweat equity to be gained when we're excited about an idea we helped create.

We're a full service agency that's light on our feet and usually more affordable because of it. Many jobs are just a 1 or 2 man operation on our end. Our work looks big, but our team is small, efficient, and affordable. We're a lean, mean filmmaking machine.

That's our special sauce.


Some of our favorite brands and clients,

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