evan falbaum




Landon miller


Kemerton hargrove

Writer, director, producer, actor, cinematographer, editor, songwriter, graphic designer, showrunner. All of us are some of those things, learning from experience and carving out our own path in the entertainment/advertising businesses.


We didn't come up "in the industry" or around much industry - except oil & gas, casinos, and church. We found each other in small town middle America, where North Louisiana, South Arkansas, and East Texas meet (known locally as the Arklatex).  Born in the bible belt, we were the anomalies among our peers (except one of us is from Canada). Our name "Moviesauce" was first coined for a film festival we started in High School back in the mid-2000s because our city didn't have one. The name stuck as just kind of our brand of creative craziness. Then we turned it into a video production business, something we also didn't know anything about.

We share a commitment to the craft, always wanting to improve with each project. We share a desire to challenge norms, and find our own ways of doing things. We share a love of adventure and a passion for finding stories in unexpected places. But most of all, we share  a common optimism that we can make the absurd and impossible happen. We've been making films together for a decade or so, and we're always ready to take on whatever is next.