Moviesauce started as a film festival way back in 2005 when my friends and I took over a cancelled festival from our high school. It was kind of an act of creative rebellion and that spirit has stuck with everything we've done since. We kept the name around and in 2012, I formally started Moviesauce as a commercial video production company.

I've always prioritized quality over quantity in our client work. While we are very competitive on price because of our small team, it's important to me that our work always be something I'm proud to put my name behind and be something that stands out in a lineup. I like to have a sense of ownership over the final product and feel like we didn't just bring our tools and technical expertise to the table, but also our creative point of view. 

Consistently, our most successful and awarded pieces are the ones where we took creative chances. So if you like what you see below, consider taking a chance with us.