When my grandfather developed Alzheimer's a few years ago and eventually passed away, I regretted never recording his stories. He was well-known within the family to be a long-winded storyteller that we often made fun of. But when he started to lose the ability to tell those stories, I felt I let them be lost in time and I regretted not using my skill set to capture them while I could. This was part of the impetus for the "Faces" documentary series.

In addition, after years of producing client work and making documentaries promoting other people and businesses, I had developed an itch to see what I can make when following my own instincts and impulses and not someone else's direction or commercial motives.

"Faces" was an opportunity to take a "video portrait" of people whose stories haven't otherwise been told. They aren't meant to be exhaustive profiles, but rather a quick a snapshot specific to the time in which they are captured. Most of these are filmed in less than a day.