When my grandfather developed Alzheimer's a few years ago and eventually passed away, I regretted never recording his stories. He was well-known within the family to be a long-winded storyteller that we often made fun of. But when he started to lose the ability to tell those stories, I felt I let them be lost in time and I regretted not using my skill set to capture them while I could. This was part of the impetus for the "Faces" documentary series.

In addition, after years of producing client work and making documentaries promoting other people and businesses, I had developed an itch to see what I can make when following my own instincts and impulses and not someone else's direction or commercial motives.

"Faces" was an opportunity to take an honest and candid "video portrait" of people whose stories haven't otherwise been told. They aren't meant to be exhaustive profiles, but rather a quick snapshot specific to the time in which they are captured. Some of our subjects have since passed or their business changed or closed. Timing is important. Most of these are filmed in a day or less.